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Tsumori Alessia Sport Wear Bra

RM 68.00

Why is Tsumori Alessia different?

- Tsumori Top makes your neck look longer whereas Tsumori Bottom makes your legs look thinner and slim.

- You can also lose weight while wearing it

- Very versatile and being the most popular fashion trend now in both Japan and Korea.

- Cooling touch material brings comfort especially during summer and hot season country eg. Asia. 100% breathable, completely quick to dry.

- Pocket design and you could keep handphone and cash

- It’s fabric is easy to wash and dry.

- Tsumori brings a better wearing and sports experience

- No need to worry of the static electricity, no longer worry about sweating much during gym and yoga. Elasticity enhanced.

- Tsumori sets you apart! It also allows you to be creative and versatile, that you could turn and mix match with formal and casual outlook for different occasions.

- A 360-day different way to wear it!

- Tsumori promises a great experience for you!

- The pursuit of fashion trends is to show personal charm and taste. Tsumori's high attention to fashion allows you to reflect your own temperament.