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Tsumori Kids’ Electric Recharging Toothbrush Sonic Replacement Brush

RM 109.00

A great deal for an electric toothbrush has a comfortable, lightweight, and easy-to-grip handle size designed for little hands.
Whitening teeth
Smart waterproof design
5 Smart Modes

1- Cleaning mode: Daily deep cleaning to effectively fade plaque
2- Sensitivity mode: Fillings/ tooth allergies
3- Gum Massage Mode: Extremely light frequency stimulation and massage of gum teeth for comfort
4- Whitening Mode: Removes stains and improves teeth brightness
5- Polishing mode: Polish the tooth surface to make the teeth more smooth and shiny
-Waist-cinching design penetrates deep into hard-to-brush areas
-American professional bristles, fine soft bristles
-31,000 brush head vibrations per minute
-Perfect stain removal and vibration frequency of the tooth guard
-Flexible small brush head that penetrates deep into oral blind areas such as the inner area of the tooth and the gap between teeth
-Clean all areas of the mouth in a balanced way so that children can develop good brushing habits
-High-frequency sound waves quickly remove food residue from teeth, freshen breath and prevent tooth decay
-The brush handle connecting rod is a food-grade 304 stainless steel
-Grinding the ends of the brush wire

-30 seconds smart zone change reminder
- 2 minutes smart stop reminder
-8 hours of charging effectively and quickly
-1 month longer use time

Warranty: 2 years