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Delfino Baby Barista ~ 350ml

RM 88.00


You can now drink your favorite shakes on the go if you use this USB portable juicer.  Delfino Baby Barista has a sharp rotating blade that can cut through fruits and vegetables, oats, and other ingredients for your drink. Furthermore, this is rechargeable using a USB cord. It also has a beautiful appearance and has a non-slip silicone sleeve.

✅ Portable Charging Port
✅ 304 stainless steel blades
✅ Capacity: 350ml
✅ High Quality
✅ Power : 50W
✅ Weight : 450g
✅ 20000 revolutions per minute
✅ Waterproof, but in order to last long, avoid to soak the charging port part into water
✅ Fully charging allows continuously juicing up to10 times, 1st time needs to charge over night.
✅ Silicone handle
✅ Made of Food grade silicone material
✅ Safe to be used
✅ Automatic power off when done
✅ Keep children away from the blades during product operation to protect them from injury or damage to products.
✅ Warranty: 1 year

1. Cut the fruit or vegetable into small pieces and put in the quilt;
2. Add milk or water;
3. Double click to start, it is better to shake the cup during the juice extraction process
4. When finished, turn off the button and pour it out to enjoy it.

Soft fruits such as bananas, dragon fruit, pitted mangoes, kiwis, etc. are recommended. Not suitable for hard fruits, cores or hard skins should be removed before juicing.

- Colour: Season Red, Retro green, Pure White

- Material: PP, Lithium Battery

- Pattern: Plain