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Defino Magic Silicone Cube Maker Bucket with Lid

RM 50.00

✅100% brand new and high quality

✅Made from food grade silicone material, safe and durable, very elastic, extremely flexible, cold, comfortable to touch

✅Unique two-chamber design: Outer chambers molding the ice cubes while the inner cylinder stores them.

✅Widely used: This double-walled ice bucket with lid can not only make ice cubes, but also store fruit etc. Enjoy a no spill ice cube tray that is covered to prevent ice cubes from absorbing odors from your freezer.

✅Suitable for all kinds of parties, dinner and birthday party, baby shower or other kinds of places, It can provide longer cooling time for whiskey, cocktails, drinks, champagne and so on.

✅Due to its non stick silicone material. Easy to clean, and the ice cubes are easy to fall off.

✅Heat and cold resistance, ozone resistance. It can be used at a temperature of minus 40 degrees without deformation.

✅The ice tray can easily fit sufficient ice. The ice can then be kept inside the round tray.

✅Comes with cover. Hygiene without exposed to germs.

✅Can be used for cold beer, soft drinks, how to drink or food eg. sushi, raw fish, desserts

✅Stylish, creative and unique design, fun, and refined

- Colour: Zest yellow

- Material: High durable and elastic silicone

- Pattern: Plain pumpkin