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Delfino Pankeki

RM 198.00


Breakfast Maker ~ Great Taste In Every Bite in 3 minutes

A must have in year 2021. With its advanced knob timing function, you can set a timer from 0 to 30 minutes to release your hands. A intelligent 6-in-1 Sandwich Maker: With 6 kinds of plates, it is perfect for making sandwich, waffle, barbecue, steak, as well as different DIY foods according to your preferences. Fashion dark green, red and white as the most trendy color this year make it stand out in your kitchen bar.

✅Easy to operate - simply grease the plates lightly, add your waffle batter or toaster ingredients, lock the lid down and wait 3-6 minutes for cooking to complete
✅Non-stick baking tray and make sure your snacks slide out easily when ready
✅Easy to store - the unit can be stood upright for storing conveniently in kitchen.
✅Adjustable timer - With timing adjustment device, 1-30 minutes optional, different heating time corresponding to different ingredients, better and more convenient to deal with various ingredients
✅New generation stylish design: Fixed buckle for easy storage & non-skid rubber feet.
✅6 kinds of bakeware: Waffle bakeware, Sandwich bakeware, Omelette bakeware, Taiyaki bakeware, Donut bakeware, eggettes bakeware
✅Intelligent temperature Control and timing function
✅Double sided heating
✅One click disassembly and easy quick washing
✅PTFE & PFOA FREE: Detachable food-grade non-stick bakeware.
✅Model: WM360, Power: 600W
✅Voltage 220-240V~50/60Hz
✅Weight 1.3KG
✅Baking pan material: Aluminum alloy
✅Heating mode: Double ring heating
✅Product size (mm): 262mm x 157mm x 107mm

Simple waffle making recipe:
2-3 servings: 3 eggs, 220g low-gluten flour, 100g milk, 75g sugar, 3g baking powder, 50g corn oil

Warranty : 1 Year