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Ezymaid 4D Massage Belt

RM 168.00


Now you could relax after your work-out, relax your muscles with a great massage: the electronic massage belt allows you to massage your legs, back, neck... without any effort at all! You can use this belt on many body areas: your legs, back, neck.

In fact, the whole point is to do less! After an intense sports session, self-massaging can seem like a chore. So the 900 massage belt is designed to let you sit back and chill out, while it takes care of everything by treating your muscles to a session of relaxation. And, when used on a daily basis, massages boost your sports performances. So we're delighted to present our new "home masseur" .

- Versality
- Warm sensation while massage for good blood circulation
- Red light hot compress
- Noise reduction and mute
- Shiatsu massage
- Wear 0 restraints
- Easy to use
- Adjustable
- Portable

Plug the cable in. Once done, you can choose between 3 possible speeds, 2 rotation directions and a heating option. The 4 buttons (on/off, speed, rotation direction and heat) are to be found on the strap, so that you don't have to move the belt to adjust it when using it on your neck. And lastly: sit back and relax! Your belt will stop by itself after 15 minutes without being adjusted, or in case of excessive pressure!