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Delfino Vacuum Sealer

RM 168.00


A good vacuum sealer reduces the amount of oxygen in a package by removing air and creating an airtight space. It will stave off freezer burn and keep food 5X fresher longer. After months of sealing meat, nuts, crackers and fruits. Plus, it also retain the bright, natural flavors of foods.  Delfino brand offers the best combination of powerful suction and useful features.

✅ 2 Modes: dry and moist with 15ml liquid overflow capacity
✅ Prevent damage to the motor with the overflow compartment
✅ Removes oxygen to help inhibit bacterial growth
✅ Locks in optimal freshness
✅ Preserve and marinate foods for intense flavour
✅ Perfect for Sous Vide cooking
✅ Built-in bag cutter and heat sealing feature
✅ Status display screen and touch-sensitive buttons
✅ Vacuum tube included
✅ Need more vacuum sealer rolls? Check out the collection here
✅ Prevent bacterial growth
✅ Easy to operate and clean


- Vacuum Pressure: 60 kPA
- Rated Voltage: 220 - 240V
- Rated Frequency: 50 - 60 Hz
- Suitable for: Dry, moist, soft, powder stuffs
- Colour: Pastel Pink ,  Creamy Yellow, Sweet Purple
- Warranty: 1 year

Unlike standard sealers, Delfino Vacuum Sealer features a 15ml liquid overflow capacity which maintains the marinade and moisture integrity of your food, while removing excess liquid into the overflow compartment, which can later be removed and cleaned without damaging the motor.