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Delfino XXL Air Fryer 6.5L

RM 438.00


Delfino Air fryer's 360-degree high technology of hot air allows it uses up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying methods. The high temperature replaces the hot oil to quickly take away the water level of the food surface, and even bake it to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Yet it could still keep the same delicious taste. So say goodbye with high fat, high calories! Save oil, save time. An efficient cooking method even saves 20% cooking time!

With this 6.5L family size, 8L double-pot design of the fryer, you can easily deep fry a large whole 5-pounds chicken, bake a delicious cake and cook other large foods for a big party. Its large capacity can greatly increase the food demand for family parties.

✅Multifunctional: It can be baked, grilled, fried, and roasted meat, vegetables, and pasta. It can even bake a cake, tarts, and pie.
✅Smart touchscreen 8 Pre-Set: Variable temperature & time control gives you total flexibility whatever you’re cooking.
✅Your Perfect gift choice to promote healthy conscious
✅Safety Feature: Auto-pause feature when fryer pot removed suddenly, auto shut off prevent overcooked, thermal fuses protection, effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents.
✅Delfino Air fryer uses an intelligent operation panel design with a beautiful appearance. Intelligent operation temperature control is more accurate, 60-minute timing function, the panel comes with 7 quick recipe buttons, easy to click
✅Easy for the elderly and children to operate.
✅Power: 1800w
✅Heating pipe using 304 stainless steel
✅Cooling vents
✅Heat resistant stainless steel handle makes the appearance look elegant and classy

Warranty: 1 Year